Seclusion Spiral

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Seclusion Spiral
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21 Warrior-Servants

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Forerunner-Flood war


Seclusion Spiral was a Forerunner facility suspended in the atmosphere of the gas giant Seclusion.[1]


Seclusion Spiral was essentially a pinwheel 10 kilometers across. The station was originally intended to gather particles from Seclusion's storm in order to provide power for other Forerunner worlds. Five vanes were connected to the station's central hub and each vane had rows of electrostatic collection devices in order to gather the particles. The station did its collection during the day, as the particles settled in the atmosphere at night. The Forerunner designers therefore programmed the life-support systems outside the hub to shut down at night. Located at the end of each vane were digester units. These machines contained microorganisms that broke down foul matter to generate power for the station, while releasing unwanted gases into the atmosphere.[1]


Originally meant to gather power for other Forerunner worlds, at some point the Forerunners discovered an avian species under the station. With the planet originally thought to be lifeless due to Seclusion's harsh conditions, the Forerunners quickly realized what it would mean if the Flood were able to put the avians' ability to survive harsh conditions to use. Without informing the personnel aboard Seclusion Spiral, the Forerunners shut down the collection devices, and left the Spiral, and the personnel, there to keep the Flood from discovering the avian species.[1]

Ten years later, the Flood attacked the station and almost overwhelmed it. The only remaining Forerunner, a Warrior-Servant known as Adequate-Observer, scuttled the station in order to stop the Flood. The scuttling caused the vanes to be explosively ejected from the station. Flung kilometers away, they were torn apart by the storm, destroying the Flood. The Spiral's hub fell many kilometers until its engines ignited and it stabilized in a calm region within the storm where the avians dwelt. After ejecting the vanes, the stubs that used to hold them deployed electrostatic collectors that could draw power from the storm. Essentially, the station's hub could remain in place indefinitely, while only Adequate-Observer and his ancilla remained on board.[1]

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