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Only survivor of the Attack on Seclusion Spiral


Adequate-Observer, later renamed Defender-of-the-Storm by his ancilla, was a Forerunner Warrior-Servant Manipular who served aboard a far-flung gas mining outpost, Seclusion Spiral, during the final years of the Forerunner-Flood war.[1]


Adequate was a low-ranking Warrior-Servant who had neither been sent to battle nor distinguished himself much to his superiors. He was assigned to Seclusion Spiral, a remote station within the atmosphere of the gas giant Seclusion on the edges of the Forerunner ecumene.

Adequate had been posted aboard Seclusion Spiral for fifteen years, and he wanted nothing more than to get off the station and join the battle against the Flood. However, each year a ship had come to offload exotic particles collected by the station and rotate the Warrior-Servant guard, and each year Adequate was never given an order to leave.

Shortly after, the Flood attacked the station, unknowingly brought aboard inside packs of microorganisms meant for breaking down Forerunner waste products. Adequate rushed into the passages of one of the outer vanes against orders, attempting to save one of the other Warrior-Servants, Sprightly-Runner. The station's emergency bulkheads closed behind him, forcing Adequate to cut through the particle collection system in order to return to the central hub. Along the way, he discovered both an avian creature living in the clouds of Seclusion, and also that the station had not actually collected anything for over ten years. Following this revelation, Adequate formulated the theory that the crew's purpose was to act as a decoy to attract the Flood to the station; the Forerunners aboard would sacrifice it to keep the Flood from taking the planet and gaining access to biomass that could better survive harsh conditions.

Resigned to his apparently-predetermined fate, Adequate-Observer scuttled the station, which plunged deep into the atmosphere of the planet. The station deployed thrusters to keep the hub within a fairly habitable zone, and Adequate discovered a large group of the same avian creatures living outside. Pleased with the effort and sacrifice Adequate-Observer had gone through to protect the planet's inhabitants, his ancilla granted him a new name: Defender-of-the-Storm.

Though the hub was capable of collecting enough energy and reaction mass to keep the thrusters firing indefinitely,[1] it is probable that everything on the planet was killed when the Halo Array fired at the end of the Forerunner-Flood war.

Description and personality[edit]

Adequate-Observer was a quiet individual, and rarely spoke with anyone other than his armor's ancilla. He took the tedium of his duties, as well as the insults of the station's occupants with wry and sarcastic humor. Adequate accepted that he was not very observant, considering his name of Adequate-Observer to be an accurate appellation. Despite this, however, he did originally spot the mysterious creatures in the storm outside Seclusion Spiral that not even his ancilla could detect with any accuracy.

After the Flood found and attacked the station, Adequate proved to be a brave individual, willing to rush into battle with the parasite even as it effortlessly consumed his colleagues. As the outer vanes of the station were lost, Adequate chose to sacrifice himself to eject the infected sections of station, which would cause the central hub to fall deeper into the atmosphere of the planet.[1]

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