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Ecumene, later the Flood




Sprightly-Runner, also known as Sprightly, was a Forerunner Warrior-Servant who served during the Forerunner-Flood war.[1]


In the later years of the Forerunners' conflict with the Flood, Sprightly-Runner and several other Warrior-Servants were assigned to Seclusion Spiral, a gas mining station on the planet Seclusion. Soon after her arrival she constantly picked on another Warrior-Servant, Adequate-Observer, who had been stuck on the station for fifteen years. She referred to him as an antique, and mockingly gave him an honorific, "Barely-Adequate", which stuck with the other Warrior-Servants from then on. One day, Sprightly was on patrol in Vane Two with three other Forerunners; at some point another patrol came under attack by the Flood and a member of the patrol, Capital-Enforcer, called for reinforcements.[1]

One of Sprightly's patrol left to reinforce Capital-Enforcer; soon after, her patrol came under attack as well. The other two were quickly turned by the Flood, one releasing numerous infection forms, while the other was turned into a combat form. Adequate saw Sprightly being chased on one of the station's monitors and, despite orders not to, went to go help Sprightly. On his way Adequate was distracted by an avian creature that had flown into a window. During this time Sprightly had been turned into a combat form, warned by his ancilla, Adequate avoided running into the combat form. Realizing what had happened, Adequate fired his Boltshot at it; soon, however, the doors were closed, blocking it out.[1]

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