Unidentified avian species

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Adequate-Observer's ancilla: "No avian species has ever been reported on Seclusion, the planet is lifeless."
Adequate-Observer: "Evidently not."
— Adequate and his ancilla upon observing one of the creatures.

This unidentified avian species was a native species to the planet Seclusion.[1] It had colossal transparent wings and was twice the size of a Forerunner Warrior-Servant. At their center was a crystalline carapace, within which three natural lights, two blue and one red, could be seen; these lights appeared to pulsate as well. Also, they were able to survive in the harsh conditions present on Seclusion.


Ten years before the Attack on Seclusion Spiral, the Forerunners discovered the species below the gas mining platform known as Seclusion Spiral. They realized what would happen if the Flood was able to exploit a species capable of surviving such harsh conditions. Possibly due to the Forerunners' inability to recreate the avian's environment, the species was not included in the Conservation Measure. Without informing Seclusion Spiral's personnel they shut down the station's vanes and left it, and the personnel, there to keep the Flood from discovering the avian species. During the attack on the station, the Warrior-Servant, Adequate-Observer, realized all this and destroyed the station, along with the Flood, saving the species.[1]

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