Attack on Seclusion Spiral

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Attack on Seculsion Spiral


Forerunner-Flood war


Seclusion Spiral, Seclusion


Forerunner victory



The Flood





21 Warrior-Servants


20 Warrior-Servants

All forces


The Attack on Seclusion Spiral was an engagement fought between the Forerunners and the Flood on the gas mining station, Seclusion Spiral, in the atmosphere of the gas giant Seclusion.[1]


Ten years before the attack on the station, the Forerunners discovered a native avian species below the gas mining platform known as Seclusion Spiral. This greatly surprised them because the planet Seclusion was thought to be uninhabitable. They realized what would happen if the Flood was able to exploit a species capable of surviving such harsh conditions. Possibly due to the Forerunners' inability to recreate the avians' environment, the species was not included in the Conservation Measure. Without informing Seclusion Spiral's personnel they shut down the station's vanes and left it, and the personnel, there to keep the Flood from discovering the avian species.[1]


The Flood was unknowingly transported to the station by a resupply vessel. Flood spores had secretly made it into digester units filled with microorganisms meant to break down organic matter. The infestation began shortly after the digesters were installed by the installation's service team. The spores infected several sentries at the tips of the vanes, transforming them directly into combat forms. The Warrior-Servant, Capital-Enforcer first reported the Flood in Vane One when one of his patrol, Dutiful-Marcher, was turned into a Combat Form. The other patrols sent one Warrior-Servant each to reinforce Capital. When Dutiful's combat form appeared to be defeated, it released numerous infection forms, forcing Capital and his troops to retreat. Capital informed the Warrior-Servant at the station's hub, Adequate-Observer, to seal off bulkhead one-stroke-four to delay the Flood.

Soon after, another patrol, this time in Vane Two came under attack as well. Two Warrior-Servants were quickly turned by the Flood, one becoming a carrier form and releasing numerous infection forms, while the other was turned into a combat form. Adequate saw the Warrior-Servant Sprightly-Runner being chased on the one of the station's monitors and, despite orders not to, went to go help Sprightly. On his way Adequate was distracted by one of the native avian creatures that had flown into a window. During this time Sprightly had been turned into a combat form. Warned by his ancilla, Adequate avoided running into the combat form. Realizing what had happened, Adequate fired his Boltshot at it; soon, however, the doors were closed, blocking it out. Vanes Three and Four were also overrun by the Flood.[1]

During this time, Capital-Enforcer made it to the hub and sealed off Vanes One, Two, and Four to delay the Flood, his ancilla left a message that power to the transponders that relay messages between personnel was lost. Capital also intended to make a last stand in Vane Five, where he was eventually joined by Adequate-Observer, who informed him they were the only Forerunners left. Capital decided they had to scuttle the station, otherwise the station would become a trap for others. Needing both master keys to accomplish this, Capital gave his to Adequate and told him to scuttle it when the former fell. While preparing to scuttle the station, Adequate realized that after the avians were discovered, the station and its personnel were left here as a distraction for the Flood. Adequate then activated the controls to scuttle the station.[1]


Scuttling the station caused the vanes to be explosively ejected, slung kilometers away. The vanes were swept into the electrical storm and ripped to shreds, destroying all the Flood forms present. The station's hub, along with Adequate-Observer, survived the scuttling and remained suspended within a calm region deep in the gas giant's atmosphere.[1]

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