Battle of DM-3-1123 b

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Battle of DM-3-1123 b


Forerunner-Flood war


DM-3-1123 b, DM-3-1123 system


Pyrrhic Forerunner victory







  • Forerunner naval defenses
  • Forerunner defense fleet
  • 226.911 billion Forerunners

149 captured Forerunner ships.

  • 226,909,638,534 killed
  • Several Forerunner ships

149 captured Forerunner ships. All Flood destroyed.

"Enemy forces lacked basic cohesion but quickly gained numerical superiority."
— Assessment in a Forerunner after-action report[1]

The Battle of DM-3-1123 b was a naval as well as planetary battle in the Forerunner-Flood war.[1]


The Flood attacked the planet designated DM-3-1123 b with 149 captured non-military (civilian, private, or commercial) Forerunner vessels, and while the Forerunner naval defenses were able to destroy all the Flood vessels with their advanced weaponry, the sole intent of the Flood was not to fight an orbital battle, but rather to land on the surface and disperse their forces to infect the local Forerunner population. In this they were partially successful. While disorganized and lacking unit cohesion, the sheer number of Flood overwhelmed the Forerunner ground forces, and within 32 hours, the Forerunner fleet in orbit evacuated all population centers that had not yet been engaged and infected by the Flood attack, and bombarded the planet from orbit, completely destroying the biosphere of DM-3-1123 b, hence destroying all Flood forces on the ground. The Forerunner evacuation was able to save 1,361,466 Forerunners, (1,318,797 civilian and 42,669 military/denizens), but this only amounted to about 0.0006% of the population, which originally totaled 226.911 billion.[1]

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