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Manipular was a Forerunner title given to adolescents. They were on average slightly over two meters tall.[note 1] These young members of society typically followed their families' lineage going into their particular rate.[1] As Manipulars had not yet made the mutation to a first-form, they were identified as "Form Zero" in their names.[2] Manipulars formed divisional groups known as Maniples.[3]

Notable Manipulars[edit]


The term "Maniple" is derived from an ancient Roman military unit. "Manipular" is the adjective form of the word.

List of appearances[edit]


  1. ^ The Path Kethona Forerunners were stated to be approximately two-thirds the height of a "healthy Manipular" (Halo: Silentium, p. 134), at their height of less than 1.5 meters (Halo: Silentium, p. 141).


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