Bornstellar's son

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Bornstellar's son
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Unidentified moon[1]

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Form Zero: Manipular

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Son of the IsoDidact, Bornstellar-Makes-Eternal-Lasting


This young Forerunner was the offspring of the IsoDidact and the Lifeshaper Chant-to-Green.[1]


Bornstellar's son was conceived centuries after the Great Purification and the "great journey" exile of the last Forerunners from the Milky Way galaxy. Born on a fertile natural satellite orbiting a gas giant, the child was raised in a simple farming lifestyle without the comforts of advanced technology. At nine years of age, he was fully capable of goading beasts of burden three times his height to plow farmland around his family's homestead. After a hard day's work, he and his mother and father would sometimes dine outside under twilight stars. He would often ask his father to tell him stories, particularly tales of Halo. Worried his son was not yet ready to know the truth behind the ringworld weapons, Bornstellar would instead tell him loose recounts shrouded in myth and legend.[1]


Bornstellar's son grew up focused and strong. He loved working in fields with his hands and he wore a weathered straw hat.[1]

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