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108,992 BCE[1]

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269.2 centimetres (8 ft 10 in)[1]


191.6 kilograms (422.3 lbs)[1]

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Chant-to-Green was a Forerunner Lifeworker[2] and the last Lifeshaper known, having received the title from the Librarian at the close of the Forerunner-Flood war.[3]


Chant-to-Green accompanied the Librarian on the Forerunner expedition to Path Kethona around 950 years before the activation of the Halo Array as the youngest member of the Audacity. For the next several centuries, she continued to serve as part of the Librarian's core Lifeworker team along with fellow Audacity crew member Birth-to-Light.[4]

In the last days of the Forerunner-Flood war, she and her keyship were hidden somewhere on the far side of the Flood-infested region of the galaxy. After the destruction of the greater Ark and the Ur-Didact's composition of Omega Halo's human population, the Librarian ordered her to go to Earth and gather and preserve as many humans as possible and send them to the lesser Ark. She was only able to gather a few hundred, as most of Earth's human population had already been indexed earlier. After Chant had finished her work, the Librarian traveled to Earth with the intent to draw the Flood there to give the IsoDidact enough time to fire the Halo Array. Soon after the Librarian's arrival, Flood forces — including Precursor star roads — were detected in the system. The Librarian then sent Chant away and gave over the title of Lifeshaper to her.[5]

Having reached Installation 00 in time, Chant survived the activation of the Halo Array. She was present in the trial of Mendicant Bias for its betrayal of the ecumene.[6] At Riser's suggestion, Chant-to-Green and several other Forerunners joined a human celebration for the transition the galaxy now faced. She and the IsoDidact observed the festivities from some distance away, both acknowledging the significance of Bornstellar's human friends. She accompanied the IsoDidact on Earth during the reintroduction and shared a few last words with Riser.[7]

In the early days of the reintroduction, Chant-to-Green engaged in a brief sexual relationship with Bornstellar, partly to soothe their shared grief over the loss of the Librarian; though this liaison did not last long, the two would remain on good terms. Over a century later, Chant accompanied the IsoDidact and a number of other Forerunners on their successful mission to restore the Domain at Maethrillian; after the expedition, Chant and Bornstellar reconciled their relationship and were married.[8] With their work finished, the remaining Forerunners embarked on a "Great Journey", exiling themselves outside the Milky Way galaxy. Chant-to-Green and Bornstellar settled on a distant world without the comforts of advanced technology, with Chant eventually giving birth to a son.[9]

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The Librarian had taken a special liking to Chant-to-Green, noting that she was earnest and focused, reminding the Librarian of the daughter she lost at Charum Hakkor.

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