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"Where the Councilors were meant to watch the consecration of the Icon: the start of the Great Journey."
Rtas 'Vadumee
The Control Room's exterior.

Installation 05's Control Room, known to the Covenant as the Chamber of Consecration,[1] was the site that controlled all of the installation's operations. The Control Room is located on an island off the coast of a larger island in the middle of a large sea. There is also a noticeable design difference from Installation 04's control room, in there being a large, triple-tiered structure in the center of the facility. When the ring's firing sequence was initiated this structure would extend to its full height, with several floating platforms encircling it and a single beam projecting from deep within the control room in the chamber's center.[2]


Main article: Battle of Installation 05

After High Charity's arrival at Installation 05 and the redefinition of the Sangheili's socio-political status following the Changing of the Guard, many of the Sangheili Councilors traveled to the Control Room in order to prepare it for the Halo's firing and the "Great Journey". However, the Jiralhanae Captain Melchus entered the Control Room with a heavily-armed Jiralhanae contingent and slaughtered the Councilors gathered there after a brief battle.[3] A small number of Councilors were taken prisoner in the nearby Bastion of the Brutes.[2]

Prompted by the Prophet of Truth, Tartarus brought 343 Guilty Spark and Commander Miranda Keyes to the control room in order to activate the ring, initiating the Great Journey. Before he could force Keyes to activate the panel, however, the Arbiter arrived, teaming up with Sergeant Major Johnson and other Sangheili troops.

Despite the Arbiter's attempt to convince Tartarus to change his mind, Tartarus forced the Index into the panel, activating the primary firing systems. A battle began between the Sangheili and the Jiralhanae, which ended after Tartarus and his troops died and Keyes deactivated the ring.[2]


Bungie humorously referred to the multiple-leveled structure at the center of the control room as the "Birthday cake of doom".[4]


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