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Through manipulation of Installation 09's gravity anchors, Ellen Anders was able to eject a section of the ring into space.

"I've gained control of the Halo's gravity anchors, Captain. Get our troops clear and get ready."
— Ellen Anders to James Cutter[1]

Gravity anchors are Forerunner technology designed to use Gravitics for the manipulation of large amounts of mass. In general operation, they are most notably used to keep the inner surface of a Halo installation (and presumably other megastructures such as shield worlds) secured to its superstructure.[2]


During the long periods of silence following the firing of the Halo Array at the end of the Forerunner-Flood war, 343 Guilty Spark staved off his boredom by using Installation 04's gravity anchors to eject sections of terrain from the ring and reshape them at will. Spark hoped to use these experiments to investigate how biological life on the sections of terrain would be affected by exposure to the vacuum of space - something interrupted by the arrival of an unidentified alien vessel.[3]

During the War of Beginnings, gravity anchors uncovered on Sanghelios were used by Pelahsar the Strident to defend Vadam Keep during the Battle of Sanghelios. During the battle, the San'Shyuum Reformist-held Supernal Spiral-class keyship Anodyne Spirit was used to besiege Vadam, before being trapped and brought down by hidden gravity anchors on the planet. This act was extremely controversial among the Sangheili, as it represented the use and exploitation of Forerunner technology that they had originally objected to when originally faced with San'Shyuum first contact at Ulgethon.[4]

In April 2559,[5] Professor Ellen Anders managed to gain control over Installation 09's gravity anchors from the ring's control room and manipulate them to eject a section of the ring's landmass occupied by Banished forces into space.[2]


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