Curative spines

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Spine of Zeta Halo
A segment of a curative spine on Installation 07.

"It's the structure the marines have been calling the Spine. The ring's working overtime to patch it together. Has been since the explosion all those months ago..."
— A Spartan reporting on the curative spine.[1]

The curative spines are a series of tectonic structures that trace along the surface of Installation 07.[2]


Described as "tectonic fabrication seams",[3] curative spines are characterized by numerous restoration buttresses and restructuring-field cantilevers; they serve two primary functions. Firstly, the collective system of spines form the superstructure's structural integrity and maintain surface rigidity by connecting the ring's biomes together. Secondly, the spines are also an intra-ring transportation network that stretches across large swaths of terrain for the rapid portage of resources and transit platforms;[2][3] as such, it is also involved in the ring's remediation process. After Installation 07 fractured at the onset of the Battle for Zeta Halo, one segment of the curative spine leading to the Silent Auditorium was rebuilt rapidly,[1][4] and presumably contributed to the Reformation's concentrated efforts to rebuild the Auditorium, as directed by the Harbinger.[5]


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