Weather spire

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Forerunner weather spires on a Halo array, as seen in on Halo: Reach multiplayer map Tempest.
A series of weather spires on a Halo ring.

Weather spires are a structure employed by the Forerunners as a component of their Halo megastructures. Weather spires form a vital part of the ring worlds' function, serving to regulate and influence the surface conditions on the rings.[1]


Weather spires are situated near the outermost edges of the Halo ring, accompanied by beam emitters projecting a blue energy beam into the sky.[2] Weather spires are able to control a given installation's weather, surface temperature and pressure—generating conditions near-indistinguishable from those on naturally-occurring planets.[1]


A weather station forms the setting for the Halo: Reach multiplayer level Tempest.[3]


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