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Screenshot of Behemoth.
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Halo Infinite

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Lore information


Tectonic fabrication seam on Installation 07[1][2]

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Desert, Forerunner structures

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Buried for millenia, this ancient structure rises from beneath the sand.[3]

Behemoth is a multiplayer map in Halo Infinite.[4]

Universe and lore[edit]

Behemoth is set on the Halo ring Installation 07, in and around a desert Forerunner structure that is part of the installation's tectonic fabrication seams. These architectural features serve a variety of purposes, including remediation and transportation.[2] The structure upon which the map rests has recently risen up through the sands for an unknown reason after lying dormant for thousands of years.[3]


The map allows the use of M12B Warthogs, M12R Rocket Warthogs, M15 Razorbacks, Mongooses, Riuctda Workshop Ghosts, and Banished Banshees.[5][6][7]


Behemoth is an open and expansive map with a near symmetrical layout. The circular arena is encased by a ring-like structure that descends to the vast dunes below. There are two tall structures on each side of the map connected to each other by bridges both above the surface and below. The surface bridge connects the west and east side of the map, and there are gravity lifts that connect directly into the bases' upper floors. The underground bridge sits above a bottomless pit while several vantage points are available to enemies, making players in this area quite vulnerable. To the sides of each tower are pads with narrow and steep ramps that face the center of the map, there are Man cannons on each base that can quickly launch players to these areas.

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The following are locations on the map that are so named on the player's heads-up display during gameplay:

  • South Track
  • Southeast Garden
  • Southwest Rocks
  • South Base
  • South Catwalk
  • South Lift
  • South Basement
  • South Edge
  • North Track
  • Northeast Garden
  • Northwest Rocks
  • North Base
  • North Catwalk
  • North Lift
  • North Basement
  • North Edge
  • Top Mid
  • Bottom Mid
  • East Tower
  • East Track
  • East Edge
  • West Tower
  • West Track
  • West Edge


In Forge, a portion of the floor at the base of each side's tower (underneath the vehicle spawner) can be removed, revealing a drop to a simple hallway that leads to the map's central bridge ("Bottom Mid").

Production notes[edit]

The map was first shown unnamed in the A New Generation trailer[6] and was eventually shown in more detail with hints to its setting in the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Overview trailer[5] and in the accompanying Halo Waypoint post.[8] Finally, in a Canon Fodder post also on Halo Waypoint, Behemoth had its name revealed and further story details divulged.[4] One of the earliest goals for the map was to bring vehicles back into play outside of Big Team Battle and allow more people to experience the full sandbox.[9]


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