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A screenshot of the Detachment multiplayer map.
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Halo Infinite

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R9 Schuldt Complex[1]

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UNSC structures, grassy cliffside

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No complex riddle, just stick to the middle.

Detachment is a multiplayer arena map for Halo Infinite that was included in the Winter Update.[4] The map was built entirely in Forge and was designed primarily with Capture the Flag in mind.[2]

Universe and lore[edit]

Detachment is set in and around the R9 Schuldt Complex, a UNSC facility set into a cliffside on an unknown planet. The R9 Schuldt Complex is one of several once-dormant UNSC facilities that are seeing renewed activity as some threats subside and others emerge, giving renewed purpose to those stationed at these locations.[1]


Detachment is a symmetrical map. Each base is home to a Drop wall and Sniper Rifle pickup, and also features a Man cannon that leads to a small island disconnected from the main landmass. The center of the map can be accessed from each base by either the upper level of an adjacent building, or by an open courtyard. The center of the map can be split into three main areas: An outdoor area featuring a large elevated perch above the courtyard which is notably home to an Active camouflage pickup, an elevated walkway that connects the building to the perch, and an indoor area featuring Heatwave and Repulsor pickups. This indoor area can be accessed both from the courtyards, or via vents from the building and perch above it. Finally, this room features a Teleporter which can lead players to the small isolated island.

The small island features a Rocket Launcher and Grappleshot pickup. The main landmass can be reached via a pair of man cannons which throw players into each base's courtyard. The teleporter can be traversed backwards, but this requires the use of the Grappleshot.

Production notes[edit]

  • Alongside Argyle, Detachment is one of two Forge-made multiplayer maps that came to matchmaking with Halo Infinite's Winter Update. These maps were created and tested internally at 343 Industries. During this testing, the rocky pillar accessible by man cannons and the teleporter was dubbed the "island of power."[2]
  • This map is set on the Institute Forge canvas.
  • Detachment was designed by Cliff Schuldt, with art by Evan Colson.[3]
  • This is the first Halo Infinite map in matchmaking to feature a teleporter.