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Cutout image of the Heatwave.
Production overview


Ferrarius Assembler Vats[1]


Shotgun-like hardlight projector[2][3]



40.3 inches (102 cm)[1]

Ammunition type:


Feed system:

8 shots

Rate of fire:


In service:

Forerunner era[2]
Post-Covenant War conflicts[6]


"Semi-automatic hardlight weapon that fires six projectiles in a set pattern."
— In-game description.[3]

The Heatwave is a semi-automatic hardlight projector once used by Warrior-Servants of the Forerunner military.[4][5]


Design details[edit]

The Heatwave fires energized shards of purple hardlight that are tuned to slice through living creatures, while bouncing off of dense terrain or architecture. It is equipped with two different firing modes, allowing its user to tune the weapon’s variable impact geometry on demand.[2][4][1] When in the first firing mode, both sides of the front cowling are extended outward, and it fires six projectiles in a horizontal pattern. The second firing mode has the side cowlings retract inward to fire the six projectiles in a vertical diamond pattern. In both modes, the projectiles can bounce off of hard surfaces like walls and ceilings. Upon imploding, the hardlight projectiles can disintegrate organic targets, like many Promethean weapons.[6][4]

The Heatwave, like most Forerunner small arms, is constructed via Ferrarius Assembler Vats.[1]


Two Jiralhanae warriors simultaneously vaporized by a blast from a Scatterbound Heatwave.

Operational history[edit]

Designed by the Forerunners, the Heatwave was utilized by Warrior-Servants before the Halo Array's activation and the ecumene's self-banishment from the galaxy.[2]. It was favoured by the Scutarii naval infantry forces, and heavily used by their shock troopers during boarding actions. This usage allowed the weapon to be used to great effect by clearing corridors, or even firing blindly around corners.[1]

During the Battle for Zeta Halo, Sentinel Eliminators were manufactured wielding the Heatwave. It was also salvaged and employed by high ranking Sangheili and Jiralhanae.[7]


Halo Infinite[edit]

The Heatwave does relatively low damage per shot to enemy players, but combined with its high rate of fire and unique alternate firing mode, is a formidable power weapon in the hands of skilled players. A common strategy with the Heatwave is to combine a single shot with melee for quick kills. The weapon’s effectiveness is particularly dependent on how many bolts hit the intended target, as well as how far away the player is from the intended target.[4] The Heatwave is capable of ricocheting rounds like the Scattershot and piercing through targets like the Halo Infinite Sentinel Beam. In the Campaign, the Heatwave is wielded by Sentinel Eliminators, Sangheili Ultras, and Jiralhanae Warlord Captains.

Production notes[edit]

The Heatwave was first revealed in the A New Generation multiplayer gameplay trailer, released on June 13, 2021.[6]


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