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Production overview


Unknown/Forerunner origin[1]

Model series:



Energy projectile launcher
High-Explosive Munitions Rifle[1]



134.8 centimeters (53.1 in)[1]


20 centimeters (7.9 in)[1]


40.5 centimeters (15.9 in)[1]

Ammunition type:

Tracking antimatter/ionized particles[1][2]

Feed system:

100 battery units (25 uncharged shots, 5 charged shots)

Rate of fire:

0.2 seconds per burst (0.8 seconds between bursts, 75 bursts per minute)
17 RPM (charged shots)[3]

Muzzle velocity:

31.44 m/s (103.15 ft/s; 113.18 km/h)[3]

Effective range:

Medium to long

Service history

In service:

Forerunner-Flood war
Post-Covenant War conflicts


"Forerunner Warrior-Servants were relentless on the hunt. Advanced Incineration Cannon that fires tracking energy charges."
— In-game description[2]

The Heartseeker is a special variant of the Weapon/Anti-Materiel Z-390 High-Explosive Munitions Rifle.[4]


Design details[edit]

The Heartseeker is a named variant of the W/AM Z-390 HEMR, which comes with tracking energy charges. Its model is the same as the Incineration Cannon's except that it takes on a black main color broken up by orange and turquoise stripes around the weapon's main body and rear area.[4]

Service history[edit]

The Heartseeker's first known use was in the Forerunner-Flood war, where Warrior-Servants relentless on the hunt used the Heartseeker to eliminate any Flood that stood in their way.[2]

In late 2558, the weapon was added to the UNSC Infinity's War Games simulations for use by Spartan-IVs.[4]


Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

The Heartseeker is a Legendary Level 6 REQ that restores 200 REQ Points to the player's RP balance when sold. Its operation is exactly identical to that of the normal Incineration Cannon, including the strong vertical recoil, except that the Heartseeker fires projectiles that exhibit strong tracking behavior and has a 25% larger battery capacity. This allows players with the Heartseeker to destroy enemy infantry, as one pull of the trigger with a red reticle lock is enough to kill an enemy without an Overshield, thus making it an effective anti-infantry weapon. Its strong tracking behavior ignores thruster evades. However, the Heartseeker's user must have a spot-on aim to actually make the projectiles seek out their target, whether it be infantry or vehicles. The Heartseeker also deals major damage to vehicles and can especially bring devastating results to Mongooses, Warthogs, Ghosts, and Wasps. Conversely, the Heartseeker has the tightest arcing trajectory of all Incineration Cannons, making uncharged shots less effective beyond medium range. Its red reticle ranges are 39.62 m (130.00 ft) hipfired and 64.39 m (211.25 ft) with Smart-Link. In addition, it has a larger blast radius for its charged shots: a radius of 5.55 m (18.21 ft) is needed to kill a Spartan, while charged shots have a blast radius of 7.10 m (23.29 ft).

In Warzone, Mythic Knight Commander bosses, including Endurance-of-Will, generally use the Heartseeker, making them highly dangerous foes, especially since they fire it at a much faster rate than players can, although the Heartseeker actually has somewhat weaker tracking behavior when used by Knight bosses.[4]

Changes from the Z-390 Incineration Cannon[edit]

  • Fires projectiles that exhibit strong tracking behavior.
  • Larger battery capacity.
  • Both uncharged and charged projectiles move at the same speed.
  • Tighter arcing trajectory.
  • Longer red reticle range.
  • Generates a larger orange glare when the weapon is charged up. This glare is especially visible in first person.
  • Charged shots are larger.



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