Heavy ion weapon system

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A heavy ion weapon system is a kind of superweapon system employed aboard Forerunner warships.[1]



Heavy ion launchers fire bolts of exotic matter accelerated to a significant fraction of the speed of light, and are considered almost impossible to counter or stop.[1] Heavy ion launchers have the power to buckle continental plates and disintegrate even phase-rotated fortifications,[2] and a single shot was often considered enough to take out even the most well-protected Flood hives.[1] Multiple shots are enough to render a planet wholly uninhabitable.[1]


One such weapon was employed aboard the Mantle's Approach as its main weapon, adapted from emplacements used on planet-cracking siege platforms. After being fired, the Mantle's Approach must reconfigure itself.[2] Heavy ion weapon systems were also employed on the largest Fortress-class vessels.[1]


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