Z-520 splinter turret

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Z-520 Encounter-Mitigation System
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Production overview


Ferrarius Assembler Vats[1]


Hard light turret[1][2]



180 centimeters (70.8 in)[1]

Ammunition type:

Light mass


  • Unlimited (mounted)
  • 30 bolts (dismounted)[1]



Service history

In service:


The Splinter Cannon, or Splinter turret, (UNSC Z-classification: Z-520 Encounter-Mitigation System, Z-520 EMS)[2] is a Forerunner weapon produced by the Ferrarius Assembler Vats and employed by the various military forces of the Ecumene.[2]


Design details[edit]

The splinter turret is a hard light heavy weapon, designed for use in quick-reaction and expeditionary military strikes. It fires unstable hard light mass projectiles that can ricochet off surfaces and break apart on impact, releasing reactive fragments.[2] The hard light fragments deal both kinetic and thermal damage upon impact, and are considered ideal for use against massed swarms of enemies such as Flood hordes.[1]

It can be wielded mounted on a mechanical mounting arm attached to a circular base, or as an independent weapon carried by an individual soldier. When mounted, the weapon has an effectively unlimited ammunition capacity, though when detached from the base it only has an ammunition pool of 30 bolts.[1] Examples encountered by humanity have resulted in the weapon's ONI-given Z-designation of Z-250 Encounter-Mitigation System, with all encountered examples consisting of those paired with a generator pedestal. Despite this, it is speculated that vehicle-mounted configurations are possible.[2]


The splinter turret was one of the many hard light innovations pioneered by the Promethean warriors of the Warrior-Servants during the Forerunner-Flood war.[1] It was utilised by Builder Security military forces during the conflict to particular effect against Flood infection forms. Seemingly designed for use in quick-reaction and expeditionary military strikes, the Splinter Cannon can either be physically moved to a site by Armiger constructsor instantly called in to reinforce a position by use of a translocation beacon. UNSC forces have only encountered the weapon paired with a generator pedestal, but it is possible there are vehicle-mounted configurations.[2]

Absent from use during the conflict on Requiem for unknown reasons, the Splinter Cannon is one of many long-lost weapons that Cortana reclaimed for the Created from the Forerunner archives on Genesis.[2] In Created usage, the splinter turret is generally wielded by Armiger Soldiers and Armiger Officers.[3]

In-game information[edit]

Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

The Splinter Turret was first introduced in Halo 5: Guardians as a Forerunner counterpart to the Shea'p-pattern plasma cannon and M49 Vulcan turrets used by the Covenant and UNSC, respectively. It acts as a turret weapon in a similar capacity to the aforementioned designs. In Warzone, the Splinter Turret REQ card is a Rare 2 energy Power Weapon REQ worth REQ Points 100 when sold.


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