Z-520 splinter turret/Gameplay

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  • The Splinter Turret can be fired in fully automatic mode, which makes it useful for dishing out damage to large enemies or groups of enemies.
  • Due to its explosive projectiles, firing the Splinter Turret at close to point-blank range is not recommended as it can kill or seriously harm the player.


  • The Splinter Turret is found in all levels where Prometheans are encountered as enemies. Mounted Splinter Turrets are rarer, found only in Osiris, Genesis, and Guardians.
    • When found in enemy hands, it is commonly a Armiger Officer that uses the Splinter Turret, although in Osiris, normal Armiger Soldiers can be found using Splinter Turrets.
  • When encountering Soldiers wielding Splinter Turrets, it is highly recommended to stay as far away from them as possible, as they can be highly dangerous due to the knockback and high damage of their projectiles. As such, Soldiers wielding Splinter Turrets should be one of the first enemies targeted to prevent the player's entire fireteam from dying too quickly, especially on higher difficulties.
  • The Splinter Turret is best used against tough enemies like Promethean Knights, Hunters, and the Warden Eternal.

Multiplayer / Warzone[edit]

  • In PvP modes, the Splinter Turret is quite rare, as it only appears on certain Big Team Battle maps.
  • The Splinter Turret is mainly useful for damaging enemy vehicles, but it is not recommended for use against fast vehicles like Ghosts and Banshees.
  • Being a Rare Level 2 REQ, the Splinter Turret is an affordable power weapon for dealing with powerful early-game bosses.