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Promethean Soldier Officer
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Ferrarius Assembler Vats[1]


259.7 centimeters (8.52 ft)[1]


188 kilograms (414 lb)[1]



Officers,[1] also known as Captains,[2] are a class of armiger used by the Forerunners.[1]


Design details[edit]

Although they bear some superficial similarities to the Promethean Knights, these similarities are only aesthetic. Where Knights are created from composed essences of formerly-sentient living beings, Officers (as with all armigers) are driven by a controlling ancilla.[3][1][4] As such, armigers are classed as a form of sentinel automata - not a Promethean.[5]

Armiger Officers are primarily white in color with red glowing highlights, contrasting the regular Soldier's silver/grey color palette. Similar color differences are seen within the Knight Commanders. They stand slightly taller than their their lesser-ranked counterparts, and incorporate a visage designed to maximise psychological impact on their enemies. Their up-sized frame and preference for heavy weaponry such as the Z-520 splinter turret mean they are considered heavy units, though their robust command network suites also allow them to serve as field officers leading armiger detachments. As such, they can complex attack maneuvres at ranges of several kilometres, and use their heavy weaponry to provide suppressive fire.[1]


It is highly recommended to deal with Splinter Turret-wielding Soldier Officers from a safe distance as the Splinter Turret's projectiles are dangerous due to their strong knockback that can easily disrupt a Spartan while they are reviving another Spartan, which can then lead to the entire fireteam dying quickly. Use the scenery and thruster pack boosting to evade the projectiles, seek cover, and then fire away at the Soldier Officer with a precision weapon and/or explosive weapons. Soldier Officers have heavier armor than standard Soldiers, taking up to a full clip of a Boltshot on Heroic or Legendary before their armor breaks.


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