Regulator Sentinel

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Regulator Sentinel
Render of a Regulator Sentinel from Halo Infinite based on Josh Gregory's works.


Defense, augmentation[1]


2.3 meters (7.5 ft)[1]


2.2 meters (7.3 ft)[1]


2.0 meters (6.7 ft)[1]



Regulator Sentinels are a variant of Sentinel designed for the purpose of surveying, assessing, and managing system processes on Forerunner installations.[1]



Manufactured within Ferrarius Assembler Vats, the Regulator Sentinel is of similar shape to the more common Aggressor Sentinel, albeit a bit smaller and missing its trademark arm-like appendages. Much like the Aggressor, the Regulator also features energy shielding, a low-tier ultrascanner and an impulse drive. The Regulator also includes a glowing ocular sensor "eye" on the front of its head-like protrusion, and an underslung modular weapon housing.[1]


The primary function of the Regulator Sentinel is to survey, assess, and manage system processes across an installation. However, they are still proficient in engaging and neutralizing threats, leading them to often be deployed to supplement the more common flocks of Aggressor Sentinels. Its underslung modular beam projector provides it with direct offensive capabilities, aiding in security detail.[1] Seemingly, the modular nature of its weapon housing allows it to make use of non-Forerunner weaponry, such as Sicatt Workshop shock rifles, as seen during the Battle for Zeta Halo. Its smaller size when compared to Aggressor Sentinels allows the Regulator to be deployed via the same Sentinel launchers.[2]


In 2560, Regulator Sentinels were deployed on Installation 07, where they took part in the conflict between the UNSC and the Banished under the direction of Monitor Adjutant Resolution.[3]


Regulator Sentinels appear in Halo Infinite, starting from the level The Sequence, where they can be found roaming the overworld. In subsequent levels, they can be deployed from Sentinel launchers.

Regulator Sentinels travel in pairs or alongside other Sentinels, providing a fire support role. They hover in the air looking for an angle from which to fire on the player, then stand still for a couple of seconds before shooting one or two shots with their shock rifle. After this, they reposition themselves and start anew. Like other Sentinels, when they are the last of their group, Regulator Sentinels overload emitting a loud noise, then charge the player to engulf them into an explosion.

Regulators are vulnerable to electric weapons, especially their own shock rifles, so turn them against them whenever you encounter them. They also take more damage when shot in the eye. Their eye glints briefly before they shoot; use this as a signal to take cover.


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