Adjutant Resolution

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Adjutant Resolution
Screenshot of Adjutant Resolution.
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Before 97,445 BCE


Male personality[1]

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Adjutant Resolution is a forerunner ancilla, the monitor of Installation 07 tasked with caretaking the ring. He was previously a submonitor of the installation should 117649 Despondent Pyre be unavailable; after the former's decommissioning, he became the de facto monitor.[1]


Adjutant Resolution was created by 117649 Despondent Pyre to become the sub-monitor of Installation 07, but Adjutant Resolution believed he was created to be Despondent Pyre's friend.[2] After the destruction of Despondent Pyre, Adjutant Resolution was activated to assume her role, unaware of her death. Immediately becoming hostile after learning of the Master Chief's plan to disable the Spires, Adjutant Resolution inserted himself into an Eradicator Sentinel in an attempt to eliminate the Spartan. Upon being defeated, he appeared later on inside the Command Spire in an upgraded gold colored Eradicator for a rematch, but lost once again. In the Silent Auditorium, he apologized profusely to the Chief after learning of the Harbinger's motives—insisting that she must be prevented from releasing the Endless.[3]

He wishes the Chief luck in defeating the Harbinger, and pondered to himself over his newfound loneliness due to Despondent Pyre's death. He vows to discover all the secrets of Installation 07, and he concludes that if the Chief wins, and they survive the following battle, he would "create friends" just as Despondent Pyre created him.[3]

Production notes[edit]

Adjutant Resolution was portrayed by American voice actor Ray Chase,[4] who also lent his voice to the Spartan Voiceprint 1A76 in the multiplayer component of Halo Infinite. Chase previously portrayed the Arbiter guest character in Killer Instinct.[5]


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