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Biographical information

Began service:

Between July and December 2553

Ended service:

December 16, 2553


Female personality

Political and military information


Intrepid Eye


Remote aspect of Intrepid Eye


Oriel was an ancilla created as a remote aspect of the Forerunner archeon-class ancilla Intrepid Eye.


Oriel was created to be one of Intrepid Eye's remote aspects while she was on Argent Moon between July and December 2553. Oriel ended up being one of Intrepid Eye's oldest and most useful remote aspects. As a remote aspect of Intrepid Eye, Oriel was more powerful than any human smart AI, though weaker than Intrepid Eye herself.[1][2]

After Veta Lopis' Ferret team uncovered the truth behind the assassination of Admiral Graselyn Tuwa and the kidnapping and murders of her family, Intrepid Eye sent Lieutenant Bartalan Craddog and Papa-10 to Pinnacle Station to retrieve the cryo-jars containing the Tuwas' organs and to execute the Dark Moon Enterprises couriers carrying them. She also sent Oriel with them to guide and observe the team.

After discovering the Keepers of the One Freedom on Pinnacle Station, Oriel, who had taken residence in the master control system of the utility skiff utilized by Papa-10, guided Craddog in attacking the Keepers with an M41 SPNKR, killing Orsun and several Kig-Yar. However, Craddog was hampered by his lack of combat experience and proved to be inadequate backup for Papa-10 who Oriel monitored through their helmet cameras. Though she briefly considered contacting Castor and ordering him to stand down as his Oracle, Oriel decided against it. With Papa-10 becoming overwhelmed, Oriel ordered the survivors to flee in one of the station's personnel shuttles and had Craddog return to the utility skiff. With the Keepers chasing after Papa-10, Oriel contacted the station's AI Administrator Sloan and negotiated for his help in stopping the Keepers from following with another shuttle in exchange for compensation that Oriel set up a shell corporation to handle. Sloan eventually admitted that he couldn't stop the shuttle, but provided Oriel with the landing coordinates and a safe extraction point for Papa-10.[3]

Craddog took the utility skiff to the surface of Meridian to meet with Papa-10, only one operative of which survived to meet the skiff with the cryo-jars. With the operative about to fire on her and escape with the jars, Veta detonated the C-12 explosives she had earlier placed around the jars. The explosion killed the operative and Craddog and destroyed the skiff,[4] Oriel with it. The destruction of Oriel left Intrepid Eye without one of her oldest and most useful remote aspects as well as unable to confirm the death of Castor and the destruction of his forces.[2]

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