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Graselyn Tuwa
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December 2553[1]





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UNSC Navy[2]


Vice admiral[1]


Vice Admiral Graselyn Tuwa[1] was a human flag officer of the UNSC Navy in command of a Marathon-class heavy cruiser.[2]


Graselyn Tuwa hailed from Nephis, a moon of the gas giant Hephestes in the Tsiphone system. The Tuwa family held considerable power and status on her homeworld, with her sister Prudence Tuwa serving as the Premier of Nephis by 2553.

Naval career[edit]

Throughout her career in the UNSC Navy, Graselyn Tuwa had gained a reputation for being a tough, sneaky tactician.[3]


In 2553, Admiral Tuwa was in command of a Marathon-class heavy cruiser, the flagship of a Navy battle group. That year, Tuwa was charged by Admiral Margaret Parangosky with bringing the Office of Naval Intelligence's 717th Xeno-Materials Exploitation Battalion to the human Outer Colony of Gao in the Cordoba system in search of Forerunner ancilla Intrepid Eye. While the battalion operated on Gao's surface, Tuwa's battle group remained just beyond the planet's orbit.[2]

After the battalion was attacked on July 4, 2553, Tuwa was unable to have her task force send more than a handful of platoons to Gao's surface to aid the battalion under orders from Parangosky to prevent the UNSC from infringing on Gao's sovereignty and risking a planet-wide insurgency.[2] On July 5, 2553, Tuwa and her task force attempted to mask their approach into Gao's orbit by taking the Cenobian Corridor, a route behind Gao's closest moon of Cenobia. However, the Gao Ministry of Protection anticipated this move and blockaded the route. Instead, Tuwa deployed several Pelicans and Owls to aid the battalion, but several of these dropships were destroyed by the Ministry of Protection's fleet of patrol corvettes.[4] Tuwa later devised plans to extract the surviving forces of the battalion from the planet's surface.[3]


Shortly after the conflict on Gao, Tuwa was promoted to the rank of Vice admiral. In December 2553, Tuwa was assassinated and her family was abducted. Suspecting factions like the Keepers of the One Freedom and the Banished, the Office of Naval Intelligence retaliated by sending a Ferret team led by Veta Lopis to find her killer and rescue her family.[1]

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