Premier of Nephis

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The premier of Nephis is the head of government on the human colony of Nephis, a natural satellite of the gas giant Hephestes. The United Nations Space Command relies heavily on the Nephis Coalition for supplies of zenostium plasma for antigravity plates, so it has a keen interest in maintaining good relations with the colony and its premier.[1]


By December 2553, the premier was Prudence Tuwa. A Threshold Ceremony for her daughter was approaching when ,on the first day of that month, her sister, Vice Admiral Graselyn Tuwa, was murdered en route to the colony for the attendance of the ceremony. In addition, Admiral Tuwa's husband, Kerbasi, and their two children, Catalin and Yuso, were abducted. The UNSC's Incident Response and Investigation branch dispatched a team to Premier Tuwa on December 6 to notify her of the losses. The lieutenant in charge had instructions to interview the premier and her staff. Premier Tuwa could not think of any likely connections between the violence and her political office. She asked to be kept informed of future developments and even allowed the lieutenant leading the IRI team to monitor her communications.[1]

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