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Cenobia is one of the three natural satellites in orbit around Gao, a human Outer Colony and planet in the Cordoba system.[1] Holding an orbit that was close to Gao's other two moons,[2] Cenobia is the closest natural satellite to the planet. Cenobia is red in color and is mostly composed of metals.[1]

Cenobia is the location of a route known as the "Cenobian Corridor", a route popular among bio-pirates that raided Gao's jungles. During the Gao conflict in July 2553, a UNSC Navy battle group led by Admiral Tuwa used the Cenobian Corridor in a failed attempt to allude the Gao Ministry of Protection's fleet of patrol corvettes.[1] Later in the conflict, UNSC D102 Owl Silent Claw was forced to travel around Cenobia to avoid several pursuing corvettes from the Gao Space Navy.[3]

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