UNSC Silent Claw

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UNSC Silent Claw
Production information


D102 Owl

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December 13, 2553

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UNSC Silent Claw is an D102 Owl insertion craft in service with the UNSC Navy.[1]

Service history[edit]

On July 6, 2553, Silent Claw was deployed to the human Outer Colony of Gao with Rear Admiral Serin Osman aboard to retrieve the Forerunner ancilla Intrepid Eye, that had been recovered by Blue Team during an operation on the planet. Arriving at the Well of Echoes on Gao, the Owl picked up Blue Team, the ancilla, and Special Inspector Veta Lopis as the Spartans dropped a HAVOK tactical nuclear weapon into the Well of Echoes to destroy a Forerunner installation on the planet.[1] Pursued by MV-29 Wyverns and the Gao Space Navy, Silent Claw departed Gao to rendezvous with Admiral Tuwa's battle group elsewhere in the system.[2]

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