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A Battalion is a military unit of the UNSC Army and Marine Corps, normally consisting of two to six companies, anywhere from five hundred to one thousand men.


  • Tank and mechanized infantry battalion task forces apply their combat power to—
    • Conduct sustained combat operations in all environments with proper augmentation and support.
    • Conduct offensive operations.
    • Conduct defensive operations.
    • Accomplish rapid movement and limited penetrations.
    • Exploit success and pursue a defeated enemy as part of a larger formation.
    • Conduct security operations (advance, flank, or rear guard) for a larger force.
    • Conduct stability operations and support operations as part of a larger force.
    • Conduct operations with light infantry forces.

A battalion unit is generally considered the smallest unit able to conduct independent operations.


Using the US Army and Marine Corps model as an example, a battalion is normally composed of three rifle/infantry companies, each designated by a letter (A through M, depending on which battalions within a single regiment a company is part of), as well as a Headquarters and Service Company (H&S Company) (Marine Corps) or a Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) (Army) including the commanding officer (usually a Lieutenant Colonel or Colonel) and executive officer (usually a Major), a Sergeant Major and executive staff. These are usually supplemented by a Weapons Company, which does not use a letter-designation.

A Regiment or Brigade is composed of several battalions.

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