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Task forces are a fleet composition element employed by the UNSC Navy.[1]


Task forces are typically interchangeable with battle groups, being ad-hoc fighting forces formed from Naval tactical formations.[1] In at least one instance, a task force was formed as a subdivision of a battle group - in 2526, Task Force Yama - a force consisting of three squadrons of Prowlers - split off from Battle Group X-Ray under the orders of Vice Admiral Preston Cole. Yama was commanded by Captain Halima Ascot.[2]

Some task forces were organised into a "wolf pack" configuration consisting of only Halberd-class light destroyers. These "wolf pack" units carried no Marine complements.[3]


In the real world, task forces are typically formed on a temporary basis comprised of multiple units with the purpose of accomplishing a single task or mission. While the full functions of task forces in the Halo universe have yet to be described, the purpose of Task Force Yama - to harass and disrupt Covenant supply lines in the early war - seems to keep the modern day interpretation of the concept more-or-less intact.

Known task forces[edit]


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