Halima Ascot

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Halima Ascot
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March 19, 2526[1]





Political and military information


UNSC Navy[2]



"A pissed-off prowler captain has about two hundred ways to make your life miserable."
— Captain Ascot warns John-117 about testing her patience.[2]

Captain Halima Ascot was an officer of the United Nations Space Command Navy and commander of Task Force Yama.[2]


In March of 2526, Captain Ascot was given operational command of a mission to capture a Covenant warship so that humanity might learn more about its new enemy. To accomplish this task the UNSC Starry Night was stocked with a complement of twelve Spartan-II soldiers, whom would be boarding the Covenant vessel via EVA. While remaining hidden in orbit of an astronomical body relatively close to where the target presently resided, Captain Ascot was somewhat hesitant to give the Spartans' leader, John-117, permission to initiate the operation at the time he requested. There were a great number of unknown variables which made the captain wish to exercise caution. John assured her his assault squad could handle the mission and even made Ascot warn him to be careful about pissing her off, so confident was he. Though she wanted to continue to wait for a more opportune moment to present itself, the Spartan was eventually able to get her to admit that the longer they waited, the more chance there was that something could go drastically wrong. Once they both agree, Ascot contacted the bridge and then informed John that the Starry Night would begin a slingshot maneuver in five minutes' time. John thanked the captain but she made it clear that her acquiescence to his arguments was not meant as some sort of favor to him.[2]

Captain Ascot was given command of Task Force Yama during Operation: SILENT STORM. During the Battle of Seoba, the Starry Night was shot down and crashed on the ice moon of Seoba. Though some of the Prowler's crew survived, Ascot was killed in the crash. The Spartans were able to rescue the survivors and activate the Starry Night's self-destruct to keep the ship out of the Covenant's hands, though this was made more complicated by the fact that the only one capable of remotely-activating the self-destruct was Ascot.[2]

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