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Harvest, a major agriculture world.
"Ag-worlds. Always hotter than shit."
Corpsman Petty Officer, First Class Healy referring to Harvest[1]

Agriculture worlds, otherwise known as ag-worlds, are worlds used by the Unified Earth Government to produce and provide food for Earth and its colonies.[1] These worlds, typically found among the Outer Colonies, are used primarily for agricultural purposes, and are therefore not usually equipped for military action. The exports that agriculture worlds provided to the Inner Colonies generally included livestock, mineral water, and vegetable and fruit goods.[2]

Harvest in the Epsilon Indi system is a known agriculture world (hence its name, "Harvest"),[1] having the highest per capita agricultural productivity rate of any colony and was capable of providing foodstuffs for over six other worlds.[3] Another agricultural world was New Llanelli in the Brunel system.[4] By 2535, most of the UEG's agricultural worlds were glassed by the Covenant. As a result, some human colonies began to experience food shortages. This forced some Inner Colony worlds, such as Chi Rho, to convert any available arable soil to farmlands.[5]

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