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Petty Officer, First Class Healy was a Hospital Corpsman of the UNSC Navy. He was attached to Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson's First Platoon in early 2525.[1]


Training the militia[edit]

Healy was aboard the UNSC Two for Flinching while it was heading to the agricultural world of Harvest in the Epsilon Indi system. At Harvest, he intended to help the training of the planet's Colonial Militia. Aboard the ship, he meet Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson, also heading to Harvest. When the system, the two packed up their bags and entered a SKT-13 shuttlecraft heading for Harvest's orbiting station, the Tiara.[2] Upon finally arriving in Utgard, Healy attempted to direct a taxi to a bar instead of the militia garrison in Gladsheim. To keep him on task, Johnson took control of the taxi and drove it to the garrison.[3]

When the two finally arrived at the base, they were greeted by Captain Ponder. Due to a surplus of supplies, Johnson and Healy had to share a bunk together on the first night, much to Johnson's annoyance.[4] When Staff Sergeant Nolan Byrne joined the two in the bunk, Johnson and Byrne got in a fight as Byrne believed that it was because of Johnson that his squad died on Tribute. After the fight, Healy joked that he needed a medkit to aid the two Marines.[5]

When the recruits for Harvest's militia finally arrived, Healy worked with Byrne, Ponder and Johnson to train them. He provided medical care to the recruits as well as the two staff sergeant instructors.[6] When Johnson and Byrne left the militia base to allow the recruits to set up for a combat simulation, Healy remained behind to instruct the recruits. During the simulation, Healy would aid any recruit injured by the tactical training rounds.[7]

Battle of Harvest[edit]

Main article: First Battle of Harvest

Healy was present at the attempted peace conference between the recently discovered Covenant and the humans. When the meeting turned sour, Healy was sent to aid Rol Pedersen whom was just killed by Vorenus.[8] After the Covenant retreated, Healy was responsible for recruit Osmo's corpse after he had been killed by the Unggoy Yull.[9] Healy accompanied Ponder, Byrne, Johnson and some of the recruits to the engagement at Gladsheim where the Yanme'e were first spotted.[10]

Upon returning to Utgard, Healy distributed rations packs to homeless civilians from Harvest's destroyed towns. When Johnson returned to Utgard with one of the few evacuees from Gladsheim, he was put under Healy's care.[11] When Ponder was injured in battle, there was nothing Healy could do. Instead, the captain had Healy give him pain-relieving drugs and Ponder decided to distract the Covenant to allow Harvest's citizens to escape.[12]

Later in the battle, Healy, along with the remaining militia trainers, militia troops and Jilan al-Cygni engaged Covenant troops on the Tiara. Many of the troops died and Healy was desperately trying to aid anyone who was injured. At one point, after Dass suffered a serious plasma burn, Healy picked up the man's rifle and tried to fight himself, but his fire was described as being a wild shot and didn't appear to actually hit anything.[13] Eventually, the humans in the Tiara were able to escape in spacecraft. As the craft jumped into slipspace, Healy treated several of the injured militia with Wallace Jenkins, including Forsell.[14]

Personality and traits[edit]

During his first few interactions with Johnson, the staff sergeant saw Healy as another undisciplined Navy man trying to hide from the insurrectionists, as well as a joker. He was very sarcastic and often intentionally annoyed individuals who did not have his sense of humor.[15] Healy was described as always smiling and laughing. While training the colonial militia, Johnson was annoyed that Healy kept clowning around and lighting up the mood with jokes during Johnson's no-nonsense training.[16]

During the Covenant's invasion of Harvest, Healy proved to be very disciplined and attentive, saving the lives of many wounded militiamen and civilians. Despite Johnson initially being annoyed by the Corpsman, he grew to respect him and considered him competent. Though Healy showed enjoyment at the fact that his role as a Corpsman allowed him to avoid combat when he first met Johnson, Healy didn't hesitate to volunteer for the mission to retake the Tiara. During the battle, Healy notably picked up a downed militiaman's weapon himself and attempted to attack the Covenant forces, but lacked the skill to actually hit anything with the gun.


Healy's name seems to be a pun based on his position as a Corpsman.

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