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Qualified sharpshooter; fought in the First Battle of Harvest

"He's all I got left."
— Jenkins to Sgt. Avery Johnson after the escape of the Tiara, referring to Forsell.

Forsell was an inhabitant of Harvest and a recruit in the planet's Colonial Militia.


Main article: First Battle of Harvest

He was assigned to First Platoon's Alpha Squad during the First Battle of Harvest, near Gladsheim,[1] and is notably a good friend of Wallace A. Jenkins. Smart, tall, and quiet, Forsell was an extremely good shot. Alongside Jenkins, Forsell is qualified as a sharpshooter.[2]

During a training exercise against Stisen, Forsell won by tripping him while he was distracted. After being unofficially promoted by Staff Sergeant Johnson to the position of spotter in Alpha Squad, he then performed the training exercise with Johnson himself. Later, he was nearly killed when a Grunt named Flim bit him on the shoulder during the skirmish on the Tiara, nicking his jugular vein. He received this wound rushing to the aid of Jenkins, who had charged after Tartarus, blaming him for his family's death. Johnson came in to save Forsell, but was wounded by Yanme'e infantry in the process, though he managed to save Forsell and kill Flim.

After successfully escaping Harvest, Johnson offered both Forsell and Jenkins the opportunity to fight the Covenant as UNSC Marines. Whether or not Forsell decided to join is unknown.

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