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Second-Charlie Squad


Colonial Military Authority


Harvest militia


12 militiamen


First Battle of Harvest




Second-Charlie Squad, often shortened to 2/C, was a Colonial Militia squad, trained by Staff Sergeant Nolan Byrne, that was stationed in the area around Utgard and Gladsheim.[1] The squad leader was Habel. Second-Charlie Squad consisted of 12 CM recruits.[2]


The squad was one of the six squads formed in the Harvest militia during their training, with 2/C being organized under Second Platoon, led by Staff Sergeant Nolan Byrne.[3] During a training exercise on February 9, 2525 against their trainers 2/C flanked Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson but were not quick enough to actually shoot him. The squad was unable to reorganize before the exercise finished.[4] After the exercise, the militia was "graduated" and were shown footage of the battle between their squad leaders against unknown aliens.[5] Two days later, a pack of Jiralhanae from the Covenant arrived in a diplomatic meeting, in which the recruits provided security.[6] During the meeting, both Charlie squads were stationed at the gardens' main gate.[1] However, a fight ensued, and Osmo, a member of First Platoon, was killed in the fighting.[7] While the other militia squads went to defend Gladsheim, both Charlie squads remained in Utgard to protect the Harvest Parliament Building and the civilians at the Utgard Mall.[8]

Later in the battle, 2/C was fighting in the Tiara with the rest of the militia. The squad and Byrne defended the AI Mack's data center. 2/C encountered three Jiralhanae Choppers, which killed several members of the squad, including Vallen.[9] Vorenus attacked and killed both Habel and Jepsen. The Jiralhanae attacked Byrne, but eventually Vorenus was killed by the survivors of the squad.[10] After doing as much as they could, the Colonial Militia of Harvest evacuated the planet along with civilians. The fate of the surviving members is unknown, though some of them may have joined the UNSC Marine Corps during the Human-Covenant War.[11]


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