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The Utgard Mall was a park in the capital city of Utgard on the planet Harvest in the Epsilon Indi system, located near the Harvest Parliament Building.[1] It was the largest park on the planet.[2] In the center of the mall, there was a small hill with a large fountain and a bandstand on top. The hill was surrounded by aging, gray-barked oak trees.[3][4] There were large towers shrouded in glass at each end of the mall. The mall could hold a vast majority of Harvest's 300,000 residents.[1]


Before the mall's creation, the mall's land was formerly used as a muddy parking ground for JOTUN machines.[5] The Solstice Celebration on January 16, 2525 took place in the Utgard Mall. When the mass driver fired, as per tradition, all power in the mall went out.[1]

During the Covenant's first attack on Harvest, a majority of Harvest's surviving population was evacuated to the mall. Officers from the Utgard Constabulary guarded the civilians with humbler stun devices and MA5 assault rifles to not only prevent a Covenant attack, but to ensure that the civilians did not riot against the government.[6] After Harvest's population was evacuated to the space elevators, Captain Ponder remained in the mall to distract the Covenant to allow the mass driver to fire at the attacking Covenant ship to disable it. All windows in the mall were destroyed by the shot and the ship nearly crashed into the mall, landing just outside of it. After the ship was disabled, Ponder was killed by the angered Tartarus.[7] The mall was likely destroyed when the Covenant glassed the planet.

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