Humbler stun device

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A soldier preparing to stun Samuel-034 with a Humbler.

The humbler stun device, often called a "shock stick", is a purple or blue colored, non-lethal electrical baton weapon used by the UNSC Marine Corps and law enforcement agencies mostly for "motivating" and/or subduing others in a temporarily painful way, but with no long-lasting effects.[1] The humbler temporarily shorts out its victim's nervous system, generally resulting in loss of voluntary urinary functions.[2][3]


When the SPARTAN-II program candidates first arrived at Reach in 2517, the batons were used by Chief Petty Officer Mendez to "motivate" them at first, though they soon grew to cooperate with him and the devices were not needed.[4]

The humbler was also used by Office of Naval Intelligence interrogators on Insurrectionist prisoners.[3] They are also utilised occasionally by ONI agents.[5]

They were also used by bouncers at a Chicago club, at which they tried to use the devices on an intoxicated Sgt. Avery Johnson.[3]

An ODST attempted to use a humbler on SPARTAN-II Maria-062 during her testing of the MJOLNIR Mark VI armor in Songnam on Earth in 2552.[6]

Naomi-010 used a humbler or a similar device to subdue Jul 'Mdama.[7]


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