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Energy cutlass

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This article is about the Kig-Yar weapon. For other uses, see Knife.
Energy cutlass
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Production overview





24 inches (61 cm)[1]

Blade composition:


Effective range:


Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War


The energy cutlass is a Covenant melee weapon, primarily used by the Kig-Yar for light skirmishes in close-quarter situations. Used by Kig-Yar soldiers and pirates alike, the energy cutlass is considered to be very useful during boarding actions on hostile ships or in melee engagements in confined spaces.[1]

The weapon is composed of a complex arrangement of chemicals, plasma, alloys, and a shard of blamite.[1] They are used primarily to dispatch enemies in close-quarters fights, especially when boarding an enemy ship.[2] They are similar to the UNSC combat knife. These blades house a complex chemical mixture within them that causes the knife to explode into shards when embedded into a soft target, similar to a Type-33 Needler round. Before it explodes, the blade will begin to pulse with a rosy red color.[3]

The Unggoy also use them, as seen during the fighting on the Tiara during the First Battle of Harvest.[4] Energy cutlasses were used by several Kig-Yar during the Battle of Ariel in January 2552.[5]


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