Kig-Yar language

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A Kig-Yar speaks its native tongue.

"It's an abuseful language, isn't it?"

The language spoken by the Kig-Yar seems to consist of a range of hisses, growls, screeches, snarls, and squawks, though it is intelligible to other members of the Covenant.[2][3][4][5] The Kig-Yar written language was similar to Sangheili,[6] with symbols representing words.[7]

The Kig-Yar are capable of speaking Sangheili, which serves as the lingua franca to the Covenant. In addition, Kig-Yar are also capable of speaking the human English language in a rasped manner.[8] However, most Kig-Yar are unable to form a proper "f" sound in speech.[9] After the Human-Covenant War, some Kig-Yar often spoke amongst each other in odd mixes of English, Sangheili, and the Kig-Yar dialect.[10] During the last days of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant, Kig-Yar mercenaries would often disregard their leader's order not to speak heretical languages, and would often taunt human and Swords of Sanghelios enemies in English.[11][12]


Known words of the Kig-Yar language include:

Chiss-teh - The crystal-bladed weapon known as a painglass saber.[13]
Irukan - The name of a type of grain.[14]
Jha-sig - A kind of ailment.[15]
Mev-ut - The Kig-Yar equivalent of a bounty.[16]
Shaks - A type of game played by Kig-Yar.[17]


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