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The curveblade is a Sangheili melee weapon.[1][2] The blade was historically used for hunting and close-quarters combat, becoming the standard in those roles long before the formation of the Covenant, though variants of the ancient design continued to be used centuries later. The curveblade's design eventually developed into the Sangheili Burnblade, which eventually developed into the Type-1 energy sword, which was created through the reverse-engineering of Forerunner technology.[2]

The curveblade is a fairly simple weapon, consisting of a single blade and a right-angled handle. Though modern designs are made using metal, the curveblade was originally crafted from hardened resin, found in trees which lined the coastal territories of Sanghelios.[2] The quartermoon blade was a long, curving knife that was based off of the curveblade and used by floatfighters in the Refuge.[3]

Several ancient ceremonial curveblades were scattered throughout Sangheili ruins, and some were even used during the Battle of Sunaion in 2558.

A Sangheili shipmaster wielded a curveblade during his search for guidance on the glassed human world of Kholo in 2559.[1]

Ceremonial inscriptions[edit]

Many ancient ceremonial curveblades were inscribed with ancient Sangheili proverbs on the hilt. Some examples of such proverbs include:

  • "Words are most powerful before blades are drawn."
  • "The sun warms those who stand before those who kneel in their shadows."
  • "Strength comes from recognizing another's weakness."
  • "When night falls, even the greatest colo herder, will still smell like a colo"
  • "Do not ignore the words of those who saw the sun before you."
  • "No blade is sharp enough to cut an unknown enemy."


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