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26th century

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2517 was a year in the 2510s in the 26th century. It was a very important year for the United Nations Space Command, as this marked the initiation of the candidate procurement and training of the SPARTAN-II program, which would eventually give birth to some of humanity's greatest heroes.





  • August 17: Dr. Halsey and Lieutenant Keyes meet 6-year-old John, candidate #117, on Eridanus II. John passes a test conducted by Halsey and is unknowingly accepted into the SPARTAN-II program.[3] Over the course of the next month, the 75 SPARTAN-II candidates across the colonies are assessed by either Dr. Halsey or her team. Some time after the screening, the children are kidnapped and replaced with flash clone duplicates.


  • September 10: On Sansar, Naomi Sentzke is conscripted for the SPARTAN-II program and replaced with a flash clone.
  • September 15: On Imber, Kelly Shaddock eludes Retrieval team Gamma for six hours but eventually comes forward, thinking abduction is a game for her birthday. Her near-escape results in the implementation of new retrieval protocols to avoid further mistakes.[4]
  • September 17: Dr. Halsey and Jacob Keyes part ways after screening candidates for the SPARTAN-II program.[5] Afterwards, Dr. Halsey has Jacob Keyes promoted to full Lieutenant and reassigned to the UNSC Magellan.[6]
  • September 21: Jacob Keyes and Dr. Halsey part ways again after finishing the collection of information on all the candidates for the SPARTAN-II program.[7]
  • September 23: The 75 children kidnapped for the SPARTAN-II project are brought on Reach and conscripted into the SPARTAN-II program per Naval Code 45812.[8]
  • September 24:
  • September 25: John, Kelly, and Sam become friends during their second "Ring the Bell" training exercise.[11]
  • September 28: The SPARTAN-II candidates receive haircuts. Kelly-087 disarms the master sergeant barber of his clippers; three attendants are required to pin her down and shave her head.[12]


  • December 7: John-117's flash clone dies.[13]
  • December 24: Dr. Halsey receives a report on the unexpected longevity of the SPARTAN-II flash clone replacements and assigns Codename: JACKBOOT to track their further progress.[14]


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