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Lena Sentzke

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Lena Sentzke
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September 2519

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Naomi-010's mother


Lena Sentzke was a human of Swedish ancestry and mother of Naomi-010.[1]


She married Staffan Sentzke and bore him one child, their daughter Naomi. She and her husband were proud of their brilliant daughter and hoped that a small colony world like Sansar would have enough to offer her when she grew up. On September 10, 2517, Lena became frantic when Naomi disappeared after school for twelve hours. After Staffan had searched all throughout Alstad for her, she received a call the following day notifying her that Naomi had been found five klicks from New Stockholm. Lena was relieved to have her back but was worried she was starting to become ill. Unbeknownst to her, Naomi had been abducted by the Office of Naval Intelligence and replaced with a flash clone.

For eighteen months, she and Staffan watched as "Naomi's" condition deteriorated and later died. In 2519, Lena underwent sterilization out of concern that a genetic illness would affect future offspring. This decision put a tremendous strain on her marriage, and six months later she committed suicide by slashing her wrists.[2]

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