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Dass was a middle aged, married, and slightly overweight Colonial Militia recruit. He was described as patient but forceful, due to the fact that he had children; one boy, two girls. He noted as being a little overweight, but due to his height, the weight was not as noticeable.[1]


Battle of Harvest[edit]

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Before signing up as a recruit, Dass was a MagLev train engineer. He was assigned as First Platoon's One-Alpha Squad leader, during the First Battle of Harvest near Gladsheim. He helped the stressed Osmo charge his rifle.[1] Dass proved himself to be a good leader, and gave advice to the other recruits during a training session or battle, although he was eliminated in the session from a simulation grenade.[2] During the attempted peace negotiations with the Covenant, Avery Johnson handed his rifle to Dass to show the aliens that he did not wish to fight.[3]

Johnson later patrolled Utgard with Dass and his squad in a Warthog.[4]

Later on during the battle, he boarded the Tiara with the other volunteers. On the station, an Unggoy named Guff wounded him with a bolt from a Plasma Pistol. When the Unggoy tried to kill Dass with a finishing shot, Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson rescued him from death and killed Guff. Dass was then entered to the container and successfully fled Harvest.[5]

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