One-Alpha Squad

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One-Alpha Squad


Colonial Militia of Harvest


12 recruits





One-Alpha Squad was a Colonial Milita squad stationed in the area around Utgard and Gladsheim.[1]


Though it originally began due to suspected Insurrectionist behavior, One-Alpha Squad played a vital role in the Human-Covenant War.

The squad began training in 2524, and began service three months later. When a group of Covenant arrived for a peace treaty, they provided security for the millions of civilians on the planet. However, a fight broke out, and Osmo was killed by a Grunt.

On February 22nd, the squad was stationed in Utgard for a brief amount of time. The next day, the platoons split to perform two operations. The first, led by Johnson, was a volunteer operation to secure the Tiara platform to ensure civilians evacuating in the cargo freighters escape safely. While they succeeded, seven recruits were killed in the fighting.

The remainder of the squad survived, and their current fate is unknown.

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