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Edda, Harvest

Notable events:

First Battle of Harvest

Governed by:

Parliament of Harvest


Gladsheim was a town on the planet of Harvest.[1] The town had a Main Street running down its center, and to the east of the street all buildings were JOTUN Heavy Industries repair shops and farm-supply warehouses. The buildings were arranged on a grid of wide asphalt streets that stretched out into the Plains of Ida.[2] The tallest structure in Gladsheim was its water tower, which was supported by a large polycrete pillar. The town was surrounded by farms.[3]


After several years of negotiations, the Harvest militia was organized and the militia garrison was established just outside of Gladsheim.[4] The residents of Gladsheim chose to live in the town as it was the most remote settlement of Harvest, the most distant human colony.[5]

In February 2525, the Covenant attacked Harvest. After the capital city of Utgard, Gladsheim was the second settlement on Harvest to be attacked by Covenant forces. The attacking Covenant vessel disabled a majority of Harvest's defences and entered atmosphere over Gladsheim.[6] A majority of the town's residents did not evacuate because no one believed the aliens would attack Gladsheim.[5] The town became under siege by Covenant Dextro Xur-pattern Spirits, Yanme'e, and Jiralhanae with the attacking forces being led by Jiralhanae Chieftain Maccabeus. The militia engaged the Covenant, destroying one dropship, killing several Yanme'e, and wounding Maccabeus. However, the Covenant destroyed a majority of the buildings in the town.[7] Thousands of civilians, including Wallace Jenkins' entire family, died in the attack. However, at least one person is known to have survived.[8]

The news of Gladsheim's destruction travelled fast to the civilians in Utgard. It began to cause panic among survivors.[9]



In Norse mythology, Gladsheim is a realm of Asgard where Odin's hall, Valhalla, is located.

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