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March 24th 1997







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Dark Brown

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Began Service: October 1, 2013

"Oh, how I will enjoy every moment of its categorization!."
343 Guilty Spark

About Me

First of all, thank you for checking out my Userpage! I am Mewcat97 and I joined Halopedia on the 26th of October 2013. My username comes from my cat's name (Mew Mew) and the terminal digits of my birth year. I have been a halo fan though ever since 2007 and have grown to love every aspect about the series. I enjoy reading the primary novels and have played all the games and their respective campaigns. I only own Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2, because I only have a PC. I have read and own six novels and have been reading the wiki since 2008. I love to do research and have a huge interest in coding, which is why I joined the wiki. Please feel free to check out my other pages that you can find in the menu above.


1,000 points

To advance to Apprentice earn 200 more points!

My Halo Habits

While playing Halo I engage and emerge myself into the surroundings, trying to catch every last glimpse a map can give me. I hardly play online, and still find it exciting every time I play through the campaign again. I will hopefully soon have an XBox 360 and can then do what I like the best: playing Firefight. I can't get enough and I play session that are a minimum of 2 hours. I love collecting medals and tend to use only human weapons as the sounds of gunfire are just cool.

Getting Started

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Please Contribute

Regardless of who you are or how much experience you have, check out the Wiki's main pages and discussions. Just reading and getting up to speed is nice. If you know something or want to help, or just found a mistake: go right ahead. Help is one of the scarcest resources our species has to offer.