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February 23, 2525





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Flim was an Unggoy stationed on the Rapid Conversion and was taller than an average Unggoy. He suffered from pockmarked skin caused by barnacles. Flim lacked belief in The Great Journey, and he wasn't friendly to Dadab, who felt he disrupted his preaching to other Unggoy onboard.


Battle of Harvest[edit]

Main article: First Battle of Harvest

Flim served aboard the Covenant cruiser Rapid Conversion. When Deacon Dadab was rescued and brought onboard, Flim disapproved of his religious teachings and made it hard for other Unggoy to follow along.[1]

Later when the Unggoy were given stations aboard the Tiara, a station orbiting Harvest, Flim was in charge of one.[2] When Flim left his post in search for food, he was scowled by Dadab.[3] Flim and some of his compatriots began looting the Tiara for supplies, looking for Forerunner relics.[4] When the Harvest militia attacked the Tiara, Flim was placed in charge of the group defending the control room. Flim had made numerous barricades to defend his post and him and the other Unggoy were holding their position.[5]

Flim was either killed by humans or angered Yanme'e towards the end of the battle. The last surviving Unggoy is mentioned to have pitted skin similar to Flim. This Unggoy is impaled by Johnson with its own cutlass after trying to stab Jenkins and puncture Forsell's jugular vein with its teeth.

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