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For other types of non-lethal ammunition, see stun round.
April Orenski firing TTRs at Thomas Lasky.

A tactical training round (TTR), occasionally referred to as a stun round,[1] is a type of training ammunition used to simulate live fire.[2]


The TTR has a plastic polymer shell that helps maintain the actual characteristics of bullet flight. Inside, there is a proximity fuse that dissolves the shell when the round comes within 10 centimeters of a surface. Once dissolved, a blob of red paint splatters onto the target. The paint also hides a powerful anesthetic, capable of knocking a target unconscious for hours depending on the area hit, and immobilizes the nano-fibers woven into training clothing, causing it to harden. The target then loses the ability to move the body part that is hit, simulating a bullet wound to that area. At the end of an exercise, the trainees can be unfrozen with a specialized baton.[2]

The rounds can be used in most UNSC firearms, including MA5 series assault rifles, M6 series sidearms, SRS99 series sniper rifles, as well as XBR55 battle rifles.[3][4] There are also TTR grenades[5] and claymores.[2]

A less advanced version of a tactical training round is used in the paint pellet gun.


Lieutenant Commander Jilan al-Cygni used two TTR shots to knock Governor Nils Thune unconscious and end his resistance to the evacuation plan for Harvest during the First Battle of Harvest.

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