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April Orenski
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June 18, 2508[1]

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United Nations Space Command


Junior Lieutenant Cadet[2]


"Being a squad leader means that I have a team of cadets. It means that I am in charge of making sure that they follow the rules, know the rules, they know how to be good soldiers. It's up to me to make sure that, y'know, when they do things that are out of order, when they are misinformed or they go and ignore commands that they know what they've done is incorrect. They have to learn it the right way. The UNSC way. The Corbulo way."
— Cadet Orenski in an interview.

April Orenski (service number 45353-09738-AO)[1] is a junior lieutenant cadet of the UNSC.[2] She attended Corbulo Academy of Military Science as part of the class of 2526.[3]


April Orenski was born on Harvest in June 18, 2508 to Roger and Madelyn Orenski, two high-ranking officers in the UNSC. She entered Corbulo Academy of Military Science in 2523 as part of the graduating class of 2526.[1] She was to pass out that year, and served as a class commander leading her younger peers in the class of 2529.[4] She was a harsh taskmaster towards her Hastati Squad, assigning snap early morning exercises and not tolerating failure or insubordination.[4][5]

Even by mid-2526, Orenski was not aware that her homeworld had been glassed by the Covenant or the fact that a campaign to reclaim it had begun due to the UNSC's still-extant blackout on the alien invasion. Thus, the invasion of Circinius IV came as a complete surprise to her. Much of her squad was killed early on in the engagement, and along with Thomas Lasky, Chyler Silva, and Michael Sullivan, she was one of the few people on the entire planet to survive the initial Covenant attack. Her confidence was severely shaken by the stress of combat, leading Lasky to become Hastati Squad's de facto leader. However, this did not prevent her from acquitting herself well in combat.[6]

With the help of Spartan John-117, Orenski and the other cadets escaped the academy to the woods nearby in order to rendezvous with Blue Team's Pelican. Orenski, Lasky and Sullivan were the only three cadets to successfully escape from the planet.[7] She was still alive after the conclusion of the Covenant War.[8]

Personality and traits[edit]

Orenski projected a serious, no-nonsense demeanor towards her subordinates at Corbulo, acting very much like a stereotypical drill instructor. As a result, she was nicknamed "the Robot" among the other members of Hastati Squad.[4] However, in a truly stressful situation, this demeanor would slip, and she would be much less confident and assertive.[6]

Production notes[edit]

She is portrayed by actress Enisha Brewster in the feature-length film Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.


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