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A 25x130mm slug.

25x130mm is a calibre of ammunition primarily employed by the gauss cannons used by the United Nations Space Command and Colonial Military Authority.


A 25x130mm projectile in mid-air, surrounded by a blue energy field.

25x130mm rounds are primarily employed by gauss cannons, which are capable of firing the projectiles at velocities of up to Mach 40.[1] Gauss cannons capable of firing the 25x130mm include the following models;


The Anvil round's effect, after being fired by Forge's Warthog.

Anvil round[edit]

When fired, Anvil rounds create an EMP pulse at the point of impact.[3] The rounds also deal more damage than the standard Gauss cannon munitions. Sergeant John Forge modified his own personal Warthog to fire these rounds.[3]

25x130mm APLP/F[edit]

The 25x130mm armor-piercing, limited penetration/frangible (APLP/F) is employed on M68 and M68B Gauss cannons.[4]

M485 HV/FTHPP[edit]

The M485 High-Velocity/Ferric-Tungsten Hollow-Point Projectile (HV/FTHPP)[5] is a specialised 25x130mm projectile used in M68, M68B and M70 coilguns.[2][6][7]


Halo Wars 2[edit]

In Halo Wars 2, the Anvil round is available as the first upgrade for the Forge's Warthog hero unit.

  • Forge's Warthog upgrade: Anvil Round
    • Info: Fires an EMP round, Slows enemy vehicles
    • Tier: 1
    • Cost: Supplies 0, Power 325

Once unlocked, the Anvil round can be fired as the vehicle's Y ability.

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